Trialing Food

Oh what a trial trialing new foods is! You just never know what you are in for! For Father’s Day, my dear sweet husband wanted an ice cream maker so he could make ice cream for our FM child. He wanted to make a lactose free or low lactose ice cream that used dextrose/glucose as it’s sweetener so it would be safer for our big boy.

Well the experiment seemed to work well. The ice cream was made with lactose free 2% milk, heavy whipping cream and cream. Both creams are lower in lactose than milk so we figured it would be safe in small amounts. Dextrose and cocoa powder (unsweetened) gave it the flavor. It was creamy, cool, delicious, and our kids were in heaven!

Fast forward to the next day…eep! It was nearly 24 hours later when we got the reaction. Tummy aches, explosive diarrhea, and ridiculous behavior! I realized something was wrong when he was supposed to be “resting” and I hear all this thumping from his room. I walk in to find a masterpiece on every wall in orange crayon. Every. Wall. I just about died! And of course, he had a major accident too so I sent him to the shower and called my husband in and we both just sat there laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. Sometimes, that’s all you can do or else you will cry.

Without further ado, the masterpieces:

It’s entitled “Castlevania” according to the artist.

And this is “Jack and the Beanstalk”

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